The Famous "Hockey Stick" Graph With Actual Data

It was recently discovered that when Michael Mann and others were working on the "hockey stick" graph, they purposely left out data showing a decline in temperatures. When you take the excluded data and put it in place of the falsified data the results are quite shocking. Below is the original "hockey stick" graph:
And then they updated graph with the real data:

By Steve McIntyre
Graph by Steve McIntyre
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Election Day - Here's How I See It

This is officially the last election day I'll ever have to suffer through without being eligible to vote, but it's OK because out here, we don't have any elections going on. There is, however some heavily contested elections going on in select parts of the country. I'm gonna do my best to break them down and make some predictions.

Virginia Gubernatorial [1] Race

This one is pretty easy to call. Deeds has been getting a serious spanking in the polls as of late and frankly, for much of the race. The RCP average has his Republican challenger up 13.4% an insurmountable lead even if you count fake ballots and margin of error in a state that has gotten indigestion from the Kool-Aid.

Joe Scarborough comments on the race and the liberal spin after Obama won Virginia by mocking his colleague Keith Olbermann, and it's worth a peek.

New Jersey Gubernatorial Race

The apparently awesome-named chubby Chris Christie (R)has been trudging along lately in a hotly contested race against the (conceitedly svelte, yet ugly bearded) incumbent Jon Corzine (D). There's a spoiler independent named Dagget in the race but really, his support is lagging and his turnout will likely be low on account of Christie being Dagget supporters second choice.

My call is a Corzine win. I'd love to see Christie win (still, were there no alternatives?) but the race is too close in a democratic ACORN corrupt state for a Republican to pull it off.

NY-23 Conservative vs. GOP Candidate Endorsed Democrat

Sarah Palin said it best earlier in her reply on Facebook to Biden's criticism to her "energy policy" when she said "Hoffman, Baby, Hoffman!" Every right-minded conservative out there should be and is rooting for this third party, conservative candidate against the SEIU, ACORN supported Owens. The polls are scattered but I'm calling it for Hoffman - as any hopeful, thinking conservative would.

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