Attention Conservatives!: You Need to Join the Conservative Youth Project

I'm a proud new member of the newly created Conservative Youth Project, and as such I'm encouraging all conservatives (young and old alike!) to join the project and website.
 Here's their mission:

The mission of the Conservative Youth Project is to create a platform for the Youth of Nation to speak out and to create a better future. It is our beliefs, as Conservatives, that the greatest future we can create is one that derives itself directly from the U.S. Constitution. The route to a better future will be a rough one, and only through re-educating ourselves in our History, our Government, and our Rights will we ever attain a more perfect future.

To protect and further our future, and the future of all those after us we must:

  • Return and Maintain the U.S. Constitution;
  • Boldly speak out against those who threaten the U.S. Constitution;
  • Ensure that previous generations, along with our own, limit government and government spending;
  • Encourage our peers to re-educate themselves, because our current school curriculum is bias;
  • Speak out against liberal bias in today's school system, media, or wherever it may appear;
  • And unite ourselves together, even as They try to keep us apart.
 What are you waiting for?
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