Harry Reid Calls $1.2 Billion in Sweetheart Deals “Compromises”

Harry Reid barely got the 60 votes he needed to get cloture on the Senate Health Care Reform bill by giving out special deals to Democrats still holding out. Among the deals were extra money for Ben Nelson's state of Nebraska (to be paid for by other the other 49 states), $250 million more for Vermont's Medicaid fund, as well $300 million for Louisiana - and much more.

To many, those deals were essentially bribes meant to buy votes using other state's money. Harry Reid, who negotiated the deals, disagrees and calls them "compromises."

The Hill:
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Monday dismissed criticism his chamber’s healthcare bill was riddled with “sweetheart deals” designed to win skeptical senators’ votes.
Those alleged deals are “compromises” that are commonplace in any piece of legislation, no matter who controls Congress or sponsors the bill in question, Reid told reporters.
No word yet if Reid considers these "compromises" as historic and worthy as the great compromises of the past: three-fifths, Missouri, and 1850.

Source: Gateway Pundit
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