“Rock the Vote” Has No Dignity - And Thinks You're a Gullible Idiot

What you're about to watch is the equivalent of “Rock the Vote” telling you that "gullible" is written on the ceiling. And they actually think you'll look.

I've never seen anything like this. Sex as a weapon? Riiight. That'll work.

My friend Cole over at the The Handwriting on the Wall wrote up a post on his blog on just how disgusting this campaign is. Check it: “Rock the Vote” Encourages Youth to Use Sex as a Weapon Against Opponents of Health Care Reform

And I don't know what's worse: how gullible they think the youth are, or how they predictably portray the guy as a dumb completely sex-oriented buffoon - which just goes to show how naive they see the American youth. It's time to prove them wrong. 

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Jerry said...

These are the tools we want youth to embrace for political reform? Using sex and bribery to influence decisions?
Sex for votes........awesome, future sluts of America unite.


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