So This is How Liberty Dies - With a Vacation.

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In case you haven't heard, Mitch McConnell has brokered a deal with Reid to make the vote on health care "reform" several hours earlier on Christmas Eve at around 8am rather than in the evening. This way, Senators and staffers can get out of DC before an ice storm and get home to their families (which is understandable).

But when you read what we conservatives had been telling McConnell and other "leaders" all along, you have to wonder why all this is necessary:
The Senate Republican Leadership under Mitch McConnell and Lamar Alexander told us to trust them.
They were going to offer a series of “messaging amendments” to point out all the flaws in the health care legislation. The rest of us said no — force a vote on the legislation while the Dems did not have 60 votes.
They ignored us.
Then we said drag out the legislation as long as possible. They ignored us until votes were scheduled, making the dragging out impossible. When the scheduled time for the votes came, it did not matter if the bill was being read, the votes would happen.
Along the way, McConnell and Alexander pooh-poohed anyone who suggested the messaging strategy was doomed to failure.
Well played, Mitch McConnell. Well played indeed. At 8:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve, 60 Democrats will pass legislation that prohibits its own future repeal, then Mitch McConnell will hop a flight to Kentucky, smiling that he and his good friend Harry Reid negotiated a Republican surrender to get out of Washington before an ice storm struck.

I'll give you this isn't even a vote on the final bill, but McConnell needs to speak out more and ask why we are even considering having a vote on Christmas Eve in the first place. What are they hiding ( we know, but it'll look good on the news)?

Speaking of the news, this morning vote means this bill that's already sour in the public eye will be covered on a day when most are off work.

Downside? I have to wake up early now.
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