Sunday Vids and Links

Good Sunday one and all! Before you get too happy, I hate to remind you that Monday is just a few hours away.

Anywho, let's cut to the chase. Sunday Vids and Links are gonna be a (hopefully) weekly segment giving you my favorite weekend, well, links and vids. Not exactly original, but if you have a problem I'll feed you to Helen Thomas. She's always hungry.

The Funnies

This is why it would be difficult to be a news reporter. Sometimes you just can't handle the funny stuff professionally:

And then there's this, the world's most hilarious new video game. Really, who wouldn't want to be a polar bear dancing in orange speedos who tries to run through holes in walls?

And finally, shedding some light on the skewed unemployment numbers is this video from Mint.

Linky Linky:

Some homemade fun : Make a Cheap Backyard Skating Rink 
Obama’s Safe Schools Czar’s Organizations Inappropriate Sex Talk to 14 year OldsAttention Conservatives!: You Need to Join the Conservative Youth Project 
ClimateGate™ Roundup 12/06/2009 The Road to Nopenhagen
Sarah Palin at the Gridiron Club Winter Dinner

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