You Guys Know I Love You

I love to blog, but I also love time and I don't have hardly enough of the latter.

So, expect The American Kiser to be updated much less often than before. I know, it was never updated that often anyway.

But do not fret! I have really, really great news. I've been offered to blog at RFC Radio. The guys running RFC have been great friends of mine for a while. Duane Lester and Andrew Riley run not only but the most wonderful blog I've ever seen (and actually got me to start blogging) All American Blogger. You should pay both sites a visit and comment on the articles I (and others, but mostly mine) post to RFC.

My first post there is here and filled with me at my snarkiest best: Palin Gets Her FOX News On.

I just may have another surprise for you guys on Thursday, too.
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